How Do I Know If My Teeth Are Sensitive?

Three Ways to Identify Sensitive Teeth

  1. Locate the Pain: Many people can immediately feel a sensitive tooth when they eat or drink something cold or hot. This will help identify the teeth that are affected. Try sipping a sweet or sugary drink because sugary and acidic things help to stimulate the nerves inside your dentin. Breathing cold air, sucking on ice chips, and tapping your teeth together are also ways to locate the pain and/or sensitivity.
  2. Examine Your Teeth: Find any plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth by visually examining your teeth in the mirror. Plaque and tartar are very common causes of sensitive teeth. Fortunately, regular dental cleanings and visits will prevent this buildup. You can also try to find signs of tooth decay, such as dark or white spots on or between your teeth. Gingivitis, which is redness or swelling of the gums, can contribute to teeth sensitivity or looseness. Fillings can also crack and chip, which may worsen a sensitive tooth.
  3. Determine Any Other Contributing Factors: Many people brush their teeth without thinking of how they are brushing their teeth. Toothbrush abrasion is a result of brushing too hard and/or using a hard toothbrush. This can cause the gums to recede and expose the root causing sensitivity. Ask your dentist about making changes in your brushing routine to decrease sensitivity and gum irritation. You could also ask your dentist about certain whitening products that may lead to increased sensitivity. If you think you grind your teeth during the night, check with your dentist and see what you can do to decrease this activity. Lastly, you may talk to your dentist about decreasing your daily intake of acidic and sugary foods and beverages.

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