How Can Dry Mouth Affect My Dental Health?

Causes of Dry Mouth

You can fight dry mouth by avoiding the triggers that can set it off. Smoking can not only contribute to dry mouth, it can foster infections when your mouth is dry. Not staying hydrated after strenuous physical activity can also be the source of a dry mouth. Certain medications can cause dry mouth as a side effect, so always consult your doctor and dentist if you experience dry mouth symptoms.

The Effects of Dry Mouth

Many people don’t realize how many problems dry mouth can cause. From fissures in the tongue to increased tooth decay, the symptoms of dry mouth are no joke. Dry mouth can increase wear on a person’s teeth. It can also cause a burning sensation, speech impediments and halitosis (bad breath). The list of symptoms goes on and on, but there are ways to fight this oral condition.

How to Fight Dry Mouth

Sometimes, defeating Xerostomia is as simple as setting up a humidifier in your house or drinking more water. However, tougher cases can often require stronger solutions. These solutions can include a diet change, use of alcohol-free mouthwash or the avoidance of sugary and acidic food or drink. Increased dental care, including using high-fluoride toothpaste and increased visits to the dentist are also recommended.

Another option is to try a new OTC product named XliMelts for dry mouth from OraCoat.  These are long lasting discs that you can adhere inside your mouth to increase saliva production during the day and while sleeping.  Another option is the Saliwell salivary gland stimulator, which is the only FDA approved oral device for dry mouths.  Contact Dr Lim, an official Saliwell provider, if you wish more information on the Saliwell device.

The saliva your mouth produces helps you chew, swallow and digest food. It helps you speak clearly, taste your favorite foods and it keeps your mouth healthy and fresh. If you feel like your mouth is dryer than it should be, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Raymond Lim at Dental Smiles of Willow Glen. We bring smiles to the faces of parents and children all across San Jose.]]>