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“My only dentist for many years. And considering I still have all my teeth in a good state, he is doing a good job”
Artem K.

“I tried Dr Ray after getting treatment plans from two other dentists that were quite costly for my front teeth. Dr Ray showed me that there are other simpler treatment plans that can produce the same result, and saved my $3,000. This demonstrates that no all dentists are alike. I am very happy with the results, and would suggest others to get second and third opinions on expensive procedures.”
Ann I.

“Dr Lim is hands down the best dentist I’ve ever been to. The office runs smoothly, I know the financial implications of all visits, and his work is impeccable.”
Yassar A.

“I chipped a front tooth late on a Friday and it needed prompt attention. I was out of town and couldn’t get back until the next day. Dr. Lim was willing to take me late Saturday afternoon and repaired my tooth so beautifully you can’t tell it was ever chipped. Matching a tooth’s color and shaping a tooth takes a lot of skill and artistry — thank you Dr. Lim! I’ve posted before and after photos of my chipped tooth so you can see for yourself.”
Melody F.

“I love Dr. Lim and his staff!!!!! Leanne and Elaine are so incredibly kind and very friendly. Dr. Lim is very pleasant and runs a well kept practice. The office is very clean and welcoming. Come to a place where you are top priority and you are able to trust the quality work and effort he commits to his patients. Two thumbs up!!!!”
Kristen S.

“Dr. Ray is awesome. Its not often you find someone who is very professional and has mastered his work and is as personable as he is. He is very attentive to my needs. He has taken care of my kids and has such a gentle approach to teeth care as well as more patience than anyone else I know. He has saved me from a root canal and has been helping me with all of my needs for the past 4 years. Dr. Ray is awesome”
Steven T.

“I couldn’t speak more highly of Dr. Lim! He was my first dentist is over 9 years and he has taken such wonderful care of my teeth in the year that I have been with his practice. What was once a source of great pain is now healthy and looking fantastic. I appreciate his wonderful “bedside manner” and his careful knowledge of my particular case. He is very friendly and whenever I call into the office, his team knows me by name. Love that this is my neighborhood dental office!”
Erin S.

“Dr. Lim saved me from a lot of pain by taking me in as a last minute late appointment. He stayed over his closing time to make sure I was taken care of. Right then and there, a simple ’emergency dental’ Google search turned into my permanent dentist.”
Hannah P.

“My family and I have been seeing Dr. Lim for a few years now. Definitely a wonderful dentist, and I would recommend him to others. Ironically, I found him through Yelp originally, and am glad I did. He’s very friendly, and his staff members are great as well. Very honest office in terms of billing also; never had any problems in this regard.”
Bill J.

“Today,I had the best numbing experience ever in my life. (Trust me, I had multiple numbing experience in the past with various dentists. And i hate the feeling of numbing before filling. ) Dr Lim explains to me the reason I didnt feel pain was that they do neutralize the chemicals and inject slowly.
This is one of the best dentists in the area. I was referred to them by a friend of mine from Church.
Dr Lim is nice and approachable and the office is super clean with all the high tech gadget in dentistry.
They are honest and not pushy. They will show you the cavity in the digital picture. If the cavity is not too bad, they would recommend to observe it next time rather than asking for a filling.”
Ken C.

“Dr. Lim was one of the best dentists I have been too. No really…..I have always read reviews on yelp but this is the first to actually provide a review. His office staff was the best I have ever had to work with. They were so great in helping us deal with our 2 young active boys while both my husband and I had our appointments. His recommendations were not anything more then expected since he said I didn’t need anything but my husband did and it was very reasonable. I could not recommend him more and his staff more. WONDERFUL DENTIST.

Okay only negative I have to say is his x ray machine, it is digital and the mouth piece hurt my mouth because the edges were squared and not really rounded. He knows about it and feels bad. I just hope someday he can get it replaced. But that is the only bad thing I have to say and even with my sore mouth I am willing to see him again.”
Stephanie W.

“I’ve changed jobs a few times over the past 6-7 years and as a result, have changed dental insurance a few times. I’ve found some dentists that were just fine and others that were absolutely horrible (Western Dental!). I was referred to Dr. Lim by a friend but was skeptical that he would be just the same as the others, but agreed to go because he was close to home. At my last appointment with another dentist, I was told that I needed more than $2,000 in fillings immediately, after my appointment was an hour late. I refused and left. When I got to Dr. Lim, he could have also recommended the same services as the previous dentist, but instead said that all of that was Unnecessary and truly got to understand my needs. He had a great bedside manner and suggested techniques for at home dental care that would help reduce my future needs. He was very kind, trustworthy and knew what he was doing. I’d recommend him to friends and family (my brother has already made an appointment!).”
Kevin B.

“After moving to CA in 2006, I have say I was taken by a few dentist here in the Bay Area. I stopped going for two years then met Dr. Lim last spring. I visited with him and was very impressed by his thorough review and taking time to explain everything in terms I could understand. He also worked with me on my budget. He was not pushy and I respect that. My wife and 4 year old son also had visits and I have to say, if you have young children, he is the best at making them feel relaxed. 5 star service. Thanks Dr. Lim!!”
Matthew P.

“I wish I had found Dr Lim earlier!

I was told from my former dentist that I had to get a root canal due to the sensitivity and pressure pain on one of my molars. So I had to look for an endodontist and happened to find Dr. Lim through my network and Yelp reviews. It was also great he does everything from general dentistry, root canals, implants, cosmetics etc.

I explained to him the situation and he wanted to do everything to prevent me from having a root canal. I had a digital x-ray taken of my tooth, which is pretty high tech.
Since it’s digital, it allows doctors to zoom into the x-ray unlike the traditional kind.

Dr. Lim was able to see that my ligament was swollen and there was a crack in my temporary crown. My bite was also high causing the inflamed ligament. My former dentist did not catch any of this… He filled the tiny crack/gap of the temporary and after a week of waiting now, my sensitivity and pain from pressure is almost miraculously gone!

Dr Lim saved me from getting an unnecessary root canal and I am so so glad.

He also gives you a thorough explanation of whats going on so you feel comfortable and know exactly what he is going to do. He also has quick/steady hands, which is also a plus.

I will be coming to see Dr. Lim from now on! And how convenient is it that he has late office hours and also has options to make appointments on the weekend.”
Rie T.

“After trying out some other options in the area (if you can, I DO NOT advise going to Meridian Dental Associates) finding Dr. Lim was a breath of fresh air. Located in a small office space, Dr. Lim and his staff are nice and approachable. The service is quick and excellent, and I’ve never been pressured to get more work done than needed. If you’re looking for a good dentist in the area and your insurance allows, I highly recommend Dr. Lim!”
Herr Z.

“GO TO DR. LIM!!! And make sure you say that mehgan referred you! I am trying to get the free whitening promo (you get it if you refer 6 patients in 6 months). The whitening is normally $490, which comes with 2 in-office whitening sessions and a take-home kit. In exchange, I can offer you a Yelp compliment! =)

All free whitenings aside, I have finally found my perfect bowl of porridge (Goldilocks analogy). Last year, I was going to a dentist that my family had recommended. The guy was great, super nice…you know, the type that tells you in the nicest way possible that you should floss more when he should really be telling you your gums are entirely disgusting and a menace to society. Anyway, I decided to change since this nice dentist was not in my network and I ended up paying extra for just regular cleaning visits with him (despite the fact that my insurance covers 100% of all maintenance cleanings).

So I go to another dentist that was within my network…or so I thought. Apparently, this dentist has the exact same name (including same middle initial) as another dentist only a few blocks away. Needless to say, this guy wasn’t in my network (damn common Asian names!). So, again, I get charged up the ying-yang by these guys but at least they had the guts to tell me that I REALLY needed a deep cleaning. However, they also tell me that I REALLY need to get some sort of DNA testing (not covered by insurance), whitening trays but not the laser whitening because the laser will not look “natural” (uhhh aren’t teeth “naturally” white?), a new dog named Kenny, and 5 brand new cars. What I mean is, they were throwing everything at me as if I wanted to spend every penny I owned on their dental services. Anyway, this review is not about them so moving on…

Dr. Lim is amazing! If you value an honest opinion then definitely go to Dr. Lim. He actually took the time to show me a new way to brush and floss to help improve the health of my gums. Instead of scheduling me for a deep cleaning right away (which would have obviously made him more money), he gave me a few weeks to redeem myself by trying the new brushing and flossing techniques he taught me. If after that my gums have not improved, then he said he would have to do a deep cleaning. He is also a cosmetic dentist so he is up to date with all the new technology for dentistry. He is re-doing all of my fillings with the white ones and his prices are very reasonable.

Another reason this is such a great place to go to is because of Jennifer! She runs the rest of the office and does a wonderful job! She is so thorough about everything and is just as honest and up-front as Dr. Lim. She calls my insurance and clarifies each and every detail. I always know how much I am paying and what my insurance will and won’t cover. She even lets me know how much money I have left until I reach my insurance cap.

This place is so great that instead of switching dentists to someone within my insurance network, I would switch my insurance just so I can keep seeing Dr. Lim!”
Mehgan D.

“Dr. Lim is a great dentist. I look forward to my dental appointments because he and his office staff, Jennifer, are both so friendly. The office is clean and high-tech. Dr. Lim does all the cleaning and exam himself. He even showed me how to properly brush my teeth, which I have apparently been doing wrong my whole life. I highly recommend Dr. Lim and I am going to get my 4-year-old daughter switched to my dental insurance plan so that she can go to Dr. Lim as well.”
Whitney L.

“Dr. Lim! Dr. Lim! I have finally….FINALLY found an honest dentist. I ended up going to him because I was getting scammed at Foster City Family Dental. They were claiming every visit I had cavities, that was just out of control stupid. My boyfriend has been going to Dr. Lim since he has been a child, so he said why not go to my dentist? I thought about it, yeah why not?

Jennifer, Dr. Lim’s better half is so spunky and fun. The office is quaint and clean. The dental chairs are really comfy. Now the check up, it was the tartar pick that gets me, but it is what is cleaning my teeth, so just sit there and deal with it. Oh so Dr. Lim verified I didn’t have a cavity, it was just a stain!!! Can you believe that? It feels so good to not be scammed and I’m happy for finally finding a trustworthy dentist. All smiles now.”
Michelle M.

“A true professional ! Dr Lim was very gracious to see me on a Sunday when I had a filling fall out. He was getting ready to go on vacation, and certainly could have told me he simply was out of time, but instead, he had me meet him in his office and saved the day for me. I will be forever grateful. I can recommend him with 100% confidence. You can not go wrong with someone with such good ethics.”
Mark H.

“I started going to Dr. Lim from 2009. Before this, I have been seeing dentist back in Taiwan.

After the initial X-ray, He quickly identified three cavities my previous dentist failed to notice. (one of which almost needs a root canal) And also re-evaluates the condition of a broken filling on the other side, where my previous dentist suggests to do 3 implants. It turns out that I only need one crown for that row of bad teeth, and the other fillings still have a few years of life on it. Totally saved me from a ripoff.

Now my wife also switched to Dr. Lim, and so will my son when he has enough teeth. Dr. Lim is a trusty and truthful dentist that I would recommend to my friends and family.

I found Dr. Lim on Yelp, and it proves that yelp is the place for finding quality service again.”
Moe T.

“Dr Lim is great!
I dont really like going to the dentist and had to switch around until I came to his office
Not only is he nice but he is very thorough!
my husband and I are lifetime patients
Jennifer is the BEST!!!!!!!!!! Love her!!!!
Tami and Brett”
Tami M.

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