Choose a Terrific Dentist by Checking Off  This “Must-Have” List

1. Make sure your dentist is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA). This organization is America’s leading advocate for oral health. At the bottom of the ADA website’s home page, you’ll find a It convenient Find-a-Dentist search tool which lists its approved members. If you live in the SF South Bay Area, you be glad to know that Dr. Raymond Lim is listed as a member.

2. Check the dentist’s YELP reviews. Testimonials are a great way to find out what kind of dental experience a patient has with a dentist. Yelp features a 1 to 5-star rating system in which reviewers can use to rank the quality of service, with 5-stars being the highest rating for satisfaction. For example, Dr. LIm has a 4.5 star Yelp rating from patients in the greater San Jose area including Campbell and the Willow Glen area.

3. Check the dentist’s number of years in practice. The more years of experience a top dentist has, the more expertise he or she will have due to the number and variety of patient cases worked on. A dentist’s dexterity, in other words, skillfulness in using his tools, can make the difference between having a pleasant visit or not so pleasant one.

4. Check for industry recognition awards. Recognition from industry associations are helpful in determining a dentist’s commitment to the dental profession. For example, Dr. Lim has been recognized as a Top Dentist for the Top Doctor & Dentists award presented by Top Doc San Francisco as ranking among the Best in Bay Area Medicine.

5. Check to see if the dentist accepts a wide range dental insurance. Let’s say you decided to switch jobs and your new employer offers a different dental plan than your previous one. If you have a dentist that accepts many dental plans, chances are you can keep the same dentist that you’ve come to like and trust. For example, Dr. Raymond Lim accepts a very wide range of dental plans which allows his patients to stay with him for the long run.

6. Check the dentist’s website and blog for areas of expertise. The dentist’s website and blog can tell you a lot about the dental office’s commitment to open communication and quality of service. For example, the website goes into detail on the many services of the dental practice, you could be certain that the dentist wants to make sure patients are well-informed. Reading the blog also a great way to see what the dentist specializes in. For example, if there are many blog posts on cosmetic dentistry, chances are those are the dentist’s main areas of expertise.

7. Check for convenient hours that include evenings and weekends. Getting a toothache on a Saturday and having to wait until Monday to see your dentist is no fun. Fortunately, dentists like Dr. Lim offer evening and weekend hours so you can keep on smiling the whole weekend.

8. Check for a convenient location. Last but not least, check to see if the dentist’s office is easy to drive to, either from your work, school, or home location. With Silicon Valley traffic getting heavier than ever, a dentist office that is on a main thoroughfare, not too far from the freeway, is ideal. Extra bonus points go to dental offices that have free and ample parking—which is a real time and money saver. Dr. Raymond Lim’s dental office, Dental Smiles of Willow Glen offers all these conveniences to make your dental visit pleasant from the very start.

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