Root canals done right.

At times, a serious infection in the tooth or gums may be best treated with a root canal, which removes the infected pulp or abscess. Dr. Raymond Lim has done countless successful root canals for his dental patients from throughout the South Bay Area. 

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Benefits of having a root canal

Did you know that root canals can save damaged or diseased teeth from extraction?

This relatively common dental procedure can help cure serious infections and prevent re-infection from occurring, while also relieving the intense pain of toothaches caused by infected pulp and abscesses underneath the roots.

Dr. Raymond Lim has done hundreds of successful root canals.

Here at Dental Smiles of Willow Glen, Dr. Lim have provided root canals for countless patients in the Willow Glen, Campbell and greater San Jose areas — and he can help you too.

What causes the need for a root canal?

Problems happen when deep cavities, chips, cracks, or other breaches in the enamel can expose the pulp to bacteria, causing serious infections that may fill the pulp chamber and work their way down below the root tips, which can form abscesses in the jawbone that can lead to bone loss.

Since the pulp contains sensitive nerve endings, you may experience severe pain in the tooth. This means that the pulp can be safely removed if it becomes infected.

The root canal procedure

Root canals involve the removal and replacement of diseased pulp. Healthy pulp provides a source of blood and nourishment for the tooth.

A root canal treatment usually takes two sessions, especially if an infection still rages in your mouth. The tooth is opened into the pulp chamber, where the nerve tissue is removed and the root canal is cleaned out to eliminate any remaining bacteria once and for all. A flexible material called gutta-percha is then inserted into the canals to replace where the original nerve used to be. A permanent crown is recommended after the completed root canal to provide support. If a crown is to be added, we may reinforce it in advance by placing a metal or fiber post inside the root.

For more information on how our San Jose dentist can help you with root canals in the Willow Glen and Campbell area, please contact our office at (408) 978-1888.


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